Post Graduate Distress

It’s been 2 1/2 months since graduation. I finally received my diploma in the mail in a small cardboard envelope congratulating my efforts. I even got woken up from a call on my cell phone – it was some overpaid sucker sophomore from my school, “thanking” me for my “generous donation” (a whopping $25) and welcoming me to the Young Alumni Association. Woohoo. Thanks – now please let me go back to sleep.

It wasn’t until the week after graduation that I started to envelop the concept that I wasn’t going to be returning to school in the fall. And after that, it was as if I was going through the stages of grief – or more like, the stages of Post Graduate Distress, which consisted of the following:

Denial: Aw nah, I can binge drink on weekdays. No problem, it’s not considered alcoholism because I’m still in col… oh wait.

Anger: So you’re telling me that I’ve applied to 50 places for jobs and I didn’t hear back from ANY of them because I happened to graduate at the wrong time?! The economy? Pay cut? They rescinded my job offer because they don’t have the budget for it anymore?! GRR!!!

Bargaining: Ok, well, maybe if I go back to school and get a second bachelors… maybe if I worked at my school I can feel like a student again… maybe I can live in my sorority house as a house manager and still go to mixers and crush parties?

Depression: Wow… I can’t believe this is actually happening… college is over… what am I going to do? I don’t know what to do… I knew I should’ve studied more, why did I get a degree in the most useless major ever?

then finally,

Acceptance: Ok, breathe. It’s time to move on – I need to find a job. Here I am world – let’s see if you can handle me.

I’m pretty sure I’m somewhere between denial and anger at this moment, but I’m looking forward to the end of August where I can finally accept it once I see everyone else with their eFollett packages and new Herve Chapelier bags. It’s gonna be a good, long cry.


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3 Responses to “Post Graduate Distress”

  1. Daniel Favand Says:

    Hi! I see you haven’t used this blog for a long time (in internet years, at least), and I was hoping you would consider transfering it to me. I’m hoping to start a collaborative magazine for postgrads (people doing masters and PhD programmes). You can reach me through my current blog,, and we can arrange the transfer, if you’re willing. Thanks so much! – Daniel

    • postgradlife Says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for reaching out. I completely forgot that I had this thing. Happy to make the transfer. Not sure how it works so if you know next steps, let me know and I’ll make them. Thanks again,


      • Daniel Favand Says:

        Hi Bona,

        Thanks so much! I had to look up how to do it. If you’re logged in to WordPress, go to this address: and then hover the mouse over the row for this blog, and a ‘transfer blog’ link will appear. Click that, and then follow the prompts that ask if you’re really sure. It will ask for my username:


        Just enter that and I think that should be it. (I’ve not done it before.) Thanks again for being willing (and for getting back to me so soon.) If the project doesn’t work out, I’ll put up a message on it letting potential future users know it’s available so they can do a transfer in a similar manner. Hopefully though it’ll work out nicely.

        Hope things have been good for you since your last post 🙂

        Thanks, Daniel

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